What to do if your dog gets skin diseases? How to treat in a simple and efficient way?

Dec 14,2022 | apuaintagg

Info. about skin diseases in dogs:Normally, a dog’s fur should be clean, fluffy, shiny, and smooth and should not be oily; If your dog keeps tickling and making a sharp noise, or if there is a rash, dandruff, hair loss, etc., your pet maybe attacked by a skin disease.

Pet owners who have dogs may understand that it’s very annoying if your dogs get skin diseases. As the skin diseases are not seasonal, dogs may be attacked in any time of the year. Although most skin diseases do not cause much harm to the dog's body, it’s definitely troublesome to suffer from skin diseases requiring for prolonged treatment and presenting recrudescent possibility. Once a dog suffers from skin diseases, it will disfigure the dog, and make the dog feel itchy and uncomfortable. And even, human may get infected if human skin gets direct contact with the dog. Therefore, the pet owners should take good care of the dog and you should know that it’s very helpful for you to strengthen the dog’s immunity so as to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases. Meanwhile, once it is found that the dog suffers from skin diseases, it requires close attention and treatment without delay;

Let’s first take a look at some pictures about the symptoms of skin disease. With these photos, you can check these symptoms in your dogs and analyze the general causes if any:

What is skin disease like in dogs?

Skin diseases are mainly caused by fungi, mites, bacteria, parasites, allergies, etc. In addition, physical damage, chemical stimulation, humid environment, getting wet in bathing or rain without timely drying, weak immunity, lack of bathing for a long time, vitamin deficiency and other factors may also cause skin diseases. Once a dog gets skin disease, they will present local hair loss, itching, redness, scab, dandruff, ulcer, abscess, moulting, fester, papules and pimples, and some of them will have black skin and no hair.

For many dogs, if they are attacked by skin diseases, the diseases are not easy to be found in the early stage of skin infection. If the pet owner finds that the dog looks impatient, bites the skin with his/her mouth and scratches with his/her hind legs, and has red spots or small bumps on the skin , your dog may be attacked by skin disease. It should be noted that if the treatment is delayed and there is inflammation, bleeding and pus, the whole body will fester. It will not only seriously affect the dog's life, but requires a tediously long treatment process.

When it is found that dogs suffer from skin diseases, treatment should be implemented in a timely manner; Many pet owners are using Many pet owners are using Puainta  Pipot Skin Sprays, which is an effective way to help the owners solve their dogs’ skin diseases! Puainta takes the most direct effort for pet treatment without delay. Your pet will never miss the best time for treatment. If you are in need, you might wish to have a look now!

Why your dogs get skin diseases?

A: Direct contact with the source of infection: If there a dog with confirmed skin disease at home, there is great possibility that other dogs will be infected as well.

B: Indirect infection

(1) Poor living environment: Feeding in a limited room; The environment is not ventilated but humid and dark.
(2) Factors including getting sick, change of environment, vomiting, diarrhea or loss of appetite caused by parasites in the body, etc., will lead to the decline of dog's immunity, so the dogs are prone to get attacked by viruses and bacteria. In addition, dogs may get weak due to irregular diet and malnutrition.
(3) The stratum corneum of dog may be too thin due to lack of bathing for a long time, frequent bathing, and the use of bath cream for human only, which will lead to the disorder of fat secretion and weakened immunity.

What are the treatments for skin diseases in dogs?

First of all, before taking treatment, we should confirm the specific infected parts on dogs’ skin. If your family keeps more than one dog, it is recommended that the infected dogs should be isolated from others in a timely manner and the family should stat away form the infected dogs, especially the elderly and children.

Secondly, we should have their hair cut, help them have a bath, and remove scabs, which is helpful to apply the remedy, to promote better absorption and achieve the curative effect quickly.

Next, what we should do is to analyze and treat according to specific skin condition. We generally classify the types of skin diseases into four categories as follows:

1. Mild skin diseases
2. Inflammatory skin diseases
3. Extensive skin diseases
4. Parasitic skin diseases

Mild skin disease: The general symptoms include mild, such asmild dandruff, hair loss in a limited area, small erythema, scab etc.The "Seven-Day Antibacterial Treatment" method can be adopted: Remove the dog's hair, rub off the dander at the end of hair, and then spray the Puainta's Pipot Skin Sprays to the affected part of the dog's skin, 3-5 times a day, for one week. After that, moulting disappears, and new fluff grows. It’s recommended to continue to use the sprays for another week to prevent recurrence. (If you operate by yourself, it is recommended to wear disposable gloves to prevent infection.)In addition, if the dog feels itchy and lick the infected part, it is recommended to wear a plastic collar.

Inflammatory skin diseases: If the treatment for dogs is delayed, the disease will continuously destroy the skin and lead to further keratinization of the dermis layer of the skin.There is much alopecia areata in the lesion, and extensive moulting, blackening area, erythema and scab in the skin. Some dogs may scratch and bite frequently as they feel itchy, which will cause bleeding on the infected part. It can be seen that the infected part of the skin may be red, swollen and eroded, forming thick skin and causing inflammation. At this stage of treatment, Pipot Skin Sprays and ointment for skin diseases should be applied on the infected part for the recovery, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-infection purposes.

Allergic pruritus: For dogs suffering from skin diseases due to drugs, fleas, lice etc., their skin will suddenly appear local redness, pruritus, hair loss, dermatitis, eczema, erythema, pustules etc. Pet owners can apply on the affected part with Puainta's Pipot Pipot Skin Sprays and ointment for skin diseases. Chalorphenamine Maleate When the damaged skin is in the recovery, Chlorphenamine Maleate Tablets can be used together for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and itching relief and wound healing purposes.

Parasitic skin diseases: When a dog suffers from mites, it will become more and more serious with the frequent scratching by the dog, which may also lead to bleeding, pus, blisters, etc. When the dog scratches the blister, there will be a lot of secretion flowing out of the blister. As a result, the dog presents local sparse hair or completely hair loss, increased and blackened dandruff, flushed skin, pruritus and other symptoms. At this stage, Pipot Skin Sprays and ointment for skin diseases can be applied on the damaged skin for treatment. When the damaged skin is in recovery, Avermectin Pour-on Solution can be used to help the dog completely kill parasites in and out of the body and avoid being bothered by biting and itching caused by parasites.

Extensive skin diseases:As skin diseases can cause itching in the affected part of dogs. The virus spreads through the whole body, resulting in multiple infected parts or extensive infection, which will make dogs constantly rub, scratch or bite the infected parts, resulting in a lot of hair loss. The hair in the infected part may fall off even if you pull that gently, and will appear in different parts as scratching, accompanied by many symptoms such as dander loss and tinea spots getting dark. The pet owner can shave the affected part of the dog to treat scabs, then soak the whole body with Banov Shower Gel, wash and blow dry. And finally, use the Pipot Skin Sprays and Skin Disease Ointment, 3-5 times a day for a week. While recovering the damaged skin, Chalorphenamine Maleate Tablets can be used together for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and itching relief and wound healing purposes.

Which dogs are susceptible to skin diseases?

  1. Puppies
  2. Malnourished and frail dogs
  3. Dogs suffering from immunosuppression caused by long-term steroid treatment
  4. Dogs that are lack of certain nutrients or trace elements
  5. Dogs with immune function abnormal or suffering from metabolic disorder
  6. Dogs that lick their fur too much and frequently due to psychological factors


There are several kinds of skin diseases in dogs. You are recommended to use the special medicine for skin diseases for daytime and nighttime applications,Pipot Skin Sprays and Compound Pipot Skin Sprays and ointment for skin diseases. Use them day and night for early recovery. With care by correct remedy, the recurrence rate is extremely low. Skin diseases have always been a trouble for many pet owners, which will not only damage pets’ hair and will be harmful to their health, but also affect the owners’ life. Some skin diseases, such as Ringworm in dogs, can be contagious and human may be infected. Therefore, for those who keeps a dog, you must pay close attention on the dog's skin condition. Take action to prevent various skin disease. Don’t wait for treatment until your dog suffer from that!